Which is better for your Business's Growth? : eCommerce Website or Social Media

Which is better for your Business’s Growth? : eCommerce Website Vs. Social Media.

In previous blogs, we discussed the various uses and significance of social media and e-commerce websites. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a comparison of e-commerce websites and social media.

Which will generate the most leads? Which channel has the highest return on investment? Which channel will get your startup or small business to the next level the quickest?

It is obvious that in today’s rapidly evolving digital era, an online presence is more important to a business than a physical presence (stores). and the most effective way to establish an online presence is through an eCommerce website and social media.

What exactly is an eCommerce website?

You can find out eCommerce websites, like traditional physical retail stores, allow consumers and businesses to buy and sell to one another on a designated platform. The main distinction between e-commerce and physical commerce is that e-commerce transactions take place entirely on the internet rather than in a physical location.

Did you know that?

Someone forms an opinion about your website in 50 milliseconds. That means first impressions are important. According to a recent Square survey, 85% of consumers believe it is critical for a business to have a high-quality website. If you include Gen Z and millennials in your target market, that figure rises to 91 percent.

As a result, it’s critical to launch a one-of-a-kind website that will help you attract new customers while also keeping existing ones engaged.

How could an eCommerce website benefit your company?

An e-commerce website will assist you in being found, promoted online, integrating your sales funnel, establishing credibility, and providing important data to the company. Information such as website traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, and e-mail subscription rates aid in decision making and gaining knowledge of your customers’ expectations, as well as the methodology and growth strategies.

According to Intuit Mailchimp, effective e-commerce enables sellers to offer a diverse range of products, including products, services, and digital goods. And, in order to efficiently conduct these trades through an eCommerce website, the website should be able to perform some basic functionality such as,

• Accepting orders,

• Maintaining an Effective Payment Gateway that is Convenient for Customers,

• Managing an Effective Logistics System, including Reverse Logistics, and

• Providing 24/7 Customer Service

By continuing to perform these functions efficiently on a regular basis, your brand image and customer trust will be preserved for a longer period of time.

What exactly is social media?

According to Investopedia, social media is a digital platform that allows you to send and receive personal, formal, or social information in the form of text, images, video, and audio. Social networks and social media have become a part of our everyday lives. It is primarily used for online communication and interaction. Social media has grown in popularity over the last decade, not only among individuals but also among businesses. Social media isn’t just a passing fad; it’s a platform that, when used properly, offers limitless opportunities.

Did you know that?

According to Datareportals’ Social Media statistics, more than 4.5 billion people will be using social media by October 2021. Currently, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Furthermore, the United States anticipates an increase of up to 257 million by 2023.

You would be able to communicate with your existing and potential customers about your brand using any social media platform. As a result, understanding How to Use Social Media as a marketing tool is critical.

How can social media platforms benefit your company?

You can connect with your audience, build your brand and reputation, share your content, and reach new potential customers while encouraging them to interact with your brand by using social media platforms wisely.

To obtain these benefits, you may need to develop a Social Media Strategy that is appropriate for your industry and goals. You will need to develop strategies for each social media platform in which your business has been involved, and this will necessitate knowledge of how the particular social media can help your business. Understanding How TikTok Marketing can Help your Business, for example.

eCommerce Website vs. Social Media

According to the information provided above, it is clear that both social media and eCommerce websites can help you with your business, but in different ways…

eCommerce websites are excellent forsocial media is excellent for
• Assisting your company in being found online
• Using the internet to promote your services
• Including it in your sales funnel
• Creating credibility and social proof
• Providing critical data for your business
• Assisting you in connecting with your target audience
• Establishing your brands and reputation
• Distributing your content
• Introducing new audiences
• Encouraging customer interaction with your brand

Is it better to use social media or an eCommerce website?

The decision is yours, but based on the comparison above, you can see that both social media platforms and eCommerce websites provide an equal number of benefits to your business, albeit in different ways. And, for long-term business growth, both 50 percent should be combined. Because ensuring business growth always necessitates 100 percent effort and opportunity.

How can One Day Digital assist you?

Launching and managing social media and Instagram may require a lot of time, effort, and some skills. You might be lacking in some of them.

As a result, we provide services to create unique social media pages and manage any social media platforms based on your needs, all at an affordable price. Visit our One Day Digital website to learn more about the packages we offer to help your business grow…

How to Promote Your Small Business or Startup to the Next Level? Cover

How to Promote Your Small Business or Startup to the Next Level?

The questions of “How to Start My Business” or “How to Grow My Business” is one that many Small Business entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs face on a regular basis. Business Growth not only helps to increase profitability, but it is also a necessary process to ensure the business’s suitability. Because the current globalized world is growing not every day, but every hour. Therefore, settling in one wouldn’t be safer for a business, which requires to sustain its presence for an extended period.

Aside from that, there are some other benefits to continued business growth. Customers always expect innovation and new trends, so growing your business will keep them engaged with your business. Increase sales, brand image, and customer loyalty.

And, yes, expanding your business is costly and time-consuming, but it is worthwhile. Anyway, there are several methods that can assist a business in attracting the attention of thousands of customers. And this article, discuss the methods you can use to grow your business at a low cost and with ease.


Ways to Easily Expand Your Business

Unlike in the 90’s, there are numerous ways to promote and grow your Small businesses, through few taps today. The modern era is well-known for its technological advancement. The internet is the most widely used technology among people. That is one of the reasons why we can use it to market the businesses  to potential customers with less effort. But, the internet is a vast platform, so you must use it wisely to get the most out of it.

In this article, we’ll look at two top ways to obtaining the business development you want.


Establishing a social media presence

What exactly is social media?

Social media is a free or paid digital communication platform that is available worldwide. According to University Communication and Marketing Website, with the assistance of these social media platforms, users can quickly share any type of information with another one or many users. This can include any type of written conversation, formal or informal, blogs, or visuals such as videos or images. According to Dataportal statistics, more than 4.62 billion people in the world use social media, accounting for 58.4 percent of the total global population. That also means there’s a sizable audience out there.


What role does social media play in business growth?

While any individual can easily sign up for social media, the platforms have become an important part of marketing for businesses of all sizes. As a small business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to get your brand in front of potential customers. Using social media in business is an excellent way to engage current customers while also attracting new ones. Using social media allows you to raise brand awareness, expand your customer base, and connect with existing customers.

The number of followers a company has on social media does not determine its success. Instead, it is dependent on customer participation. Small businesses can have more success on social media than large corporations for a variety of reasons, including community and individual focus, less expensive or free advertising, and joint social media marketing efforts, to name a few.

To gain these benefits, you must constantly Manage Social Media Platforms and Develop Social Media Strategies.


Developing an unique eCommerce Website

What exactly is eCommerce and eCommerce Website?

eCommerce is a business model in which sales transactions are conducted over the internet. This structure is followed by virtually every online shopping website, large or small. An eCommerce website is any website where you can purchase items for sale over the internet. This is less expensive than a physical store, and after the Covid pandemic, it is one of the safest ways to demonstrate and market a company’s service and product to customers.


How can an eCommerce website help a company grow?

A store’s online presence is a simple way for it to broaden its services to customers who don’t want to go to the store or who want to order an item that is out of stock. Previously, eCommerce systems were only available to businesses with physical stores, now, eCommerce systems are available to businesses without physical stores. As a result, developing an effective ecommerce site or social media presence will undoubtedly attract many customers/clients to your company. Because eCommerce is no longer a luxury, it is now a requirement.


How can One Day Digital assist you in expanding your small business?

Managing social media for a startup or small business is not the same as managing a personal social media account; it may necessitate ongoing customer engagement, creativity, and strategic thinking ability. Launching an eCommerce website may also necessitate technical skills as well as strategic thinking. You may lack some of those skills, as well as sufficient time to develop and maintain your social media platforms or eCommerce website.

Do not stress; One Day Digital is here to help.

We offer eCommerce website development and social media management services in a variety of packages based on your needs. And we guarantee that our one-of-a-kind services will be completely beneficial to your company’s ability to stand out from the crowd and grow.


We have several unique packages available based on your needs. Choose one and begin your journey to long-term business growth with us…

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We’d like to wrap up today’s blog with a thought-provoking quote about growth:

 “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” 

Hill, Napoleon. Think and Grow Rich. Penguin, 2005.