How to Use Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

How to Use Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

Today, it’s an indisputable fact that billions around the world are connected on social media, with the majority of them on multiple social media platforms. This makes social media one of the best avenues out there for you to market and advertise your products and services. With such a massive user base, social media is the ideal place for you to reach potential clients and this will, in turn, help improve the conversion rate for your brand and eCommerce business. 

Simply posting pictures of your products will not do much; you will need several different tactics that can attract, interact with, and gain your target audience’s trust. If you’re wondering about these tactics, here are some of them which you can use to improve your eCommerce conversion rates:

- Utilize social Reviews

Product reviews by customers are an excellent way to build social proof on your product pages. It allows new costumes to know what they can expect when buying from you. For your eCommerce business, make sure that you leverage reviews from your social media pages. Facebook, for instance, has its native reviews, so make sure you activate it.

This way, when customers discover your business on social media, they can see right from these platforms, without even going to your site, what people have to say about your products or services. 

Make sure to consistently encourage your customers to leave reviews so you can later benefit from greater social proof generated by satisfied customers.

- Go for an integrated approach

An integrated approach is about adding social buying options to your social media pages. It’s a guaranteed way an eCommerce business can improve sales, bring down the selling cost, and even understand client behaviour.

The availability of these buttons on your social media pages lessens the discovery-to-purchase journey of your customers, streamlining a higher conversion rate than before. A good example of this is Instagram’s Shop Now buttons. 

- Go for offers and discounts

Social media allows you to have a direct connection with your customers. Therefore, you should utilize this to improve your conversion rates. One very good marketing tactic is to come up with offers and discounts often for your clients. Offers and discounts like store credits and percentage discounts draw in new customers and thrill your existing ones. 

Having these campaigns at different times in the year will also boost your eCommerce conversion rates. Make use of the Google Rank Tracker to help you monitor how these campaigns are improving your business’ performance.

- Create Pages and Join Groups

On social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram, you can create two different types of pages – a brand page and a general page that is related to your business. Once you have a good following, you can start advertising your products or services there. Joining relevant groups is also important to have a grasp of what is happening in the business community and to engage with relevant customers. 

- Track and analyze results

For an excellent social media marketing strategy, you need to treat it professionally. This means that you have to track campaigns and evaluate results, making changes along the way whenever necessary. Here are the three most important metrics you need to pay attention to:

  • Engagement: this includes shares, likes, reactions and clicks on your posts. With a good engagement rate, you will be able to improve your other KPIs.
  • Reach: this shows how far your brand message goes. It’s very important you know this so you can make adjustments to extend your reach. 
  • Conversion: this allows you to measure the ratio of people who buy from you due to engaging with your social media posts or ads.

- Invest in social media ads

Sometimes, even with all your effort in marketing, you may not be reaching your target audience or the targeted number from your client base. In such cases, consider investing in social media ads. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are great for running ads because they are popular and they allow you to customize your campaigns to reach the desired client base. 

These tips can help play a significant role in helping you maximize your social media platform to improve your eCommerce conversion rates. By understanding your customers and their needs, adding value to your posts, and communicating and socializing with your customers, you’ll be boosting your social media engagement and your eCommerce business in no time.

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