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One Day Digital Completes a Year of Success

What makes a business a successful one is the passion that goes into its growth. At One Day Digital, our unrelenting passion on our work is what has made us stand out from the crowd and it’s that passion that has shaped us to who we are today. One Day Digital celebrates, with great pride, it’s completion of a year of successful operations in the digital niche in Sri Lanka. Though the digital marketing arena of Sri Lanka is proving to be a challenging one with strong competition, we have managed to carve out our very own unique space through our dedication to our work and our innovative solutions. 


One Day Digital started off with the single notion of providing affordable website solutions for all businesses, regardless of their size. The importance of a well maintained and effective website is of paramount importance to any business in today’s highly digitized era. We understood this need and from the onset, we wanted our clients to experience the complete digital package that would really help take their business to new heights while keeping our services cost-effective for all. We wanted to offer our clients more than just the standard package and, true to our name, we started specializing in setting up websites in just one day. Time is money and having a great website up and running in a day was just what our clients were looking for. 


Today, at the completion of one year, One Day Digital stands proudly, serving more than 50 businesses successfully. Each business presents unique, individual needs and that aspect has helped our team grow and flourish; with each and every experience creating a valuable learning curve for all of us and becoming stepping stones towards success and inspiration. 


As the founder, I, Asir Mohamed, take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every member of my team, for being equal partners in my efforts to establish this company as a successful digital agency in Sri Lanka. I’m humbly grateful to my  valuable clients for trusting us in the building of their business and I’m thankful to our followers who have helped us to become who we are today. As a team, we at One Day Digital, are committed to work with renewed confidence and energy towards success, achievement and fulfillment.  

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